The characteristics of the linen


Linen is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years.

Clothing made of 100% linen is the best microclimate for the skin.

Knitted linen garments have the following characteristics:

• Linen breathes, absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

• It is warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

• Linen yarn has a natural wax protection and is therefore naturally dirt and odor repellent. There is, therefore, no need to wash a linen garment very often (environmentally friendly!)

• Knitted linen garments massages the skin and is good for your health.

• Linen is resistant to static electricity.

• Raw linen is considerably stronger and more lustrous than cotton.

• Linen has antibacterial qualities. Due to these qualities linen clothes are suitable for any time of the year.

• Linen is an ecology - friendly product, free from waste and has no harmful effects on the environment.

Washing advice / Care instructions

Please use liquid, gentle and preferably environmentally friendly detergent without bleach.
Do not use fabric conditioner. The item should be washed in a laundry bag, wool program 30–40 centigrades with spin-drying. Shake afterwards and dry on a level surface. Washing will make the garment softer and more comfortable over time. 
Knitted linen garments may contract a few centimeters when washed. You can easily steam iron the garment to regain its original shape. Knitted linen garments widen a bit from body heat and moist. They will soften and adapt to your body shape. 
Best way to store is off the hanger, laying flat or loosely folded.
Wear them often and hang out in fresh air!