About the company

Rita Design focuses on the design and production of clothing that is made of 100% natural linen yarn. For over 12 years, we are specializing in making women clothes from 100% linen yarn. After participating in various exhibitions, sales increased, and with it, demand for higher volumes of production. This created the need to expand the business and build a team that would help implement the Rita Design project.
Today, the company's production is carried out in Lithuania. A group of enthusiastic, young and talented women was formed in 2015. They are now implementing the Rita Design project.

How fields of linen influenced my life...

From the day of their birth and then on every day of their life, every person accumulates experiences.
Those experiences are individual, personal and unique.
Today, when so much knowledge on linen has been accumulated, I personally would like to share my expertise with others. More than that, I would like to convey and share my emotional connection with nature through my designs and creations of women knitted linen clothes and accessories.

My first experiences in life were gained in the countryside where ancient local traditions remain. My creative personality has grown in parallel with the discovery of nature's outstanding beauty.
I spent my entire childhood in countryside surroundings, taking walks in never-ending fields, woods and meadows.
I waded my way through the high grass and loved blueberries and strawberries picking. In autumn, I was running to collect mushrooms in my grandmother's old braided basket.  My senses were overwhelmed from the abundance of unique scents of nature. I tried to absorb them all, in order to distinguish and identify the scent most pleasing and soothing to my heart and soul.
And what remains of my observations, the harmony of nature, the contrasts in nature, the variety and nuances of colour shades, the shadows looking like they are playing, the influence of sunlight with day and night impressions on the linen sheaves in the fields which made them look like the waves of the sea, deeply touched my heart and soul.
Linen goes through many changes: from the plant's first sprout to the blossoming and then to the maturation of fruit. I am fascinated by all the colors and shades of the linen in all the stages of its life. They are affected by the changing intensity of sunlight from one season to the other.
We, people, eventually make linen growth ends in yarn production. It is amazing that the life of the linen can be extended thanks to the creativity, skills and hard work of people.
From my childhood I remember our table at home covered with a linen cloth for special occasions. And then linen towels, linen straps used at funerals ... From a woven linen canvas, people sewed shirts and other clothes.
Linen has been in my everyday life everywhere and has influenced my business focus - to create and design people's clothes from 100% natural linen, all knitted from linen yarn.

I want to give people a thorough and deep understanding of linen as a plant - a precious, amazing gift to us from nature. Linen has extraordinary herbal properties that can help us feel healthier, rejuvenated and are soothing to the body and soul.