How to measure?

To determine your fit and size, only a few key measurements of your body are needed.
Remember that the size could be affected by the type of underwear you are wearing and if the measurements are taken with shoes on or off.

Make sure that the measuring tape is firmly held (but not too tight) and is close to your body. When taking measurements, try to keep the tape as strait as possible.

For more information, see the product description.

Our clothes are usually made for a standard height of 160-170cm.
But we also make non standard size clothes for shorter or taller people.

If there are no additional information about the size or dimensions of a product (height, overall length of product, sleeve length, waist width, etc.), the garment is made according to our standard measurements.
If you find it difficult to decide what size is most suitable for your body's shape and height, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make your clothes according to your individual measurements.

Our ultimate goal is complete customer's satisfaction. That our customers can feel charming, self-confident and experience a special feeling of comfort by wearing our linen knitted clothes.

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