1. Click on PRODUCTS and choose the product category that you want to see (Ponchos,Cardigans,ect.).

2. Click on the product you want to buy (Quick view).
3. Click on COLOR and choose the color you like.
4. Click on SIZE and choose the size you want.
5. Click add to shopping cart.
6. When you have added all products that you want to buy then click on SHOPPING CART and then CHECKOUT.
7. Write your personal info and click on I WANT TO GET SPECIAL OFFERS and I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE PRIVACY POLICY.
8. Choose and click on your PAYMENT method (NETAXEPT or PAYPAL).
9. When you have written everything and chosen the payment method, click CONFIRM THE ORDER and wait a couple of seconds.
10. If you have chosen the payment method NETAXEPT choose your CARD TYPE (Visa, Mastercard…..) and then click NESTE.
11. Write your CARD information and click BETAL.